Discover How To Improve Your Reconstructive Surgery

How to create predictable surgical outcomes with Materialise medical software


About this webinar

Your patients are unique, and 3D planning can help address their individual needs. In this webinar, medical experts from Italy and the United Kingdom, as well as Materialise Application Engineers, explain how PROPLAN CMF™ gives you the means to deliver outstanding care in reconstructive surgery. Be inspired by the 3D visualization functions of PROPLAN CMF™ that enable surgeons to preoperatively plan reconstructive surgery procedures.

What you will learn

  • Learn how to use PROPLAN CMF™ and more Materialise software solutions to optimize treatment, save time in the OR, and create more accurate and predictable surgical outcomes and an esthetically pleasing result
  • Get a demonstration on fibula and scapula reconstruction and DCIA with PROPLAN CMF™
  • See examples from leading medical experts on how to focus on your plan with preoperative visualization of the patient's anatomy and condition and a virtual simulation of the reconstruction
  • Discover the value of AR and VR planning


Dr. Alessandro Tel

University Hospital of Udine, Department of Maxillo Facial Surgery

Prof. Robiony Massimo

Chief Maxillofacial Surgery Department, University Hospital of Udine

Samantha Bunn

Principal Maxillo Facial Prosthetist / Laboratory Manager, Royal Shrewsbury

Zachary Gillett

Medical Application Engineer, Materialise

Arsham Makaryan

Medical Application Engineer, Materialise

Martijn Orye

CMF Market Specialist, Materialise

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