Empowering Sustainability in Eyewear: The Story behind Bio-Based PA 11 Material with Arkema

With Alireza Parandian and Sophie Mulsant-Kern


About this webinar

Sustainability is high on the agenda for many eyewear brands. So, how are Materialise and Arkema empowering sustainable choices in a field known for fast fashion? In this webinar, we’ll share the why and how behind PA 11: our new bio-based 3D printing material for conscious eyewear brands.

What you will learn

  • What opportunities PA 11 presents for eyewear
  • The story behind the creation of PA 11. Hint: it all starts with castor beans
  • How Materialise and Arkema empower sustainable eyewear brands


Alireza Parandian

Global Head of Business Strategy for Wearables, Materialise

Sophie Mulsant-Kern

Business Development Manager, Arkema

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