Empowering Hospitals with 3D Printing Technology in Poland

About this webinar

Many hospitals are choosing to start 3D labs, but it always requires certain key elements to make it a reality. During this webinar, we’ll share how a well-established, successful 3D lab has developed over the years, as well as the journey of a newly established 3D lab. We’ll also cover an example of a university that excels in educating technical students about 3D printing. This webinar is the perfect fit for clinicians, researchers, and professors interested in 3D printing for medical purposes.

What you will learn

  • How to start a 3D lab in hospitals
  • How 3D labs develop over time

About the speakers

Adam Kolesnik MD

Cardiovascular Interventions Laboratory, Children’s Memorial Health Institute

Paweł Rynio MD, PhD

Vascular Surgeon and Head of 3D Medical Technology Center in Szczecin, Pomeranian Medical University Second Hospital

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