Using Deep Learning to Enhance Size Matching for Pediatric Heart Transplants

About this webinar

Size matching based on total cardiac volume (TCV) has emerged as a novel technique to compare donor and recipient heart sizes in pediatric heart transplants. It is gaining popularity over the traditional method of comparing weight, which has recently come into question. In this webinar, Dr. Nicholas A. Szugye explains how a deep learning approach with 3D convolutional neural networks can accurately calculate TCV to miss fewer transplant opportunities and reduce the waste of donor hearts. Dries Buyst will also demonstrate a pathway using pre-labeled scans for training AI models that enable researchers to find new applications based on current data.

What you will learn

  • How deep learning can help cardiologists easily find the right size for a heart transplant
  • The possible hurdles you can encounter during the development of an AI algorithm
  • How the AI Assistant plugin helps researchers reduce data preparation time and streamline algorithm development

Meet the speakers

Dr. Nicholas A. Szugye

Pediatric Cardiologist, Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital

Dries Buyst

Product Owner, Materialise

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