Better outcome parameters through Functional Respiratory Imaging

Presented by Jan De Backer (FLUIDDA)

Functional Respiratory Imaging is playing an integral role in advancing the understanding of respiratory diseases and drug delivery. New insights are being developed by extracting 3D information from conventional upper airways and lung CT scans, which allows researchers to perform more advanced measurements as well as in-vitro and benchtop modeling.

The Pulmonary module in the Materialise Mimics Innovation Suite speeds up the segmentation process of the lower respiratory system. These improvements drastically increase the amount of subjects that can be analyzed, making functional respiratory imaging available for large population studies.

Our guest speaker Jan De Backer, CEO of FluidDa, has been successfully applying Functional Respiratory Imaging since 2005. He will talk about the value FRI can bring by identifying the most promising drugs more effectively and reducing the amount of patients in clinical trials. Finally, he will discuss how the technology provides a patient-specific biomarker that can monitor patient outcomes with high sensitivity.

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