How to Assess the Aortic Valve to Plan for a TAVI Procedure

About this webinar

Transcatheter procedures are transforming the treatment of heart valve conditions, particularly with regard to aortic valve stenosis. In order to assess whether a patient is a good candidate for a transcatheter aortic valve implantation, imaging and several measurements need to be performed. The Mimics Innovation Suite can play an important role in assessing a candidate’s compatibility with TAVI. During this e-course, we will go over several workflows that can help to plan a TAVI case. In a first stage, we will perform the digital segmentation of the heart chambers and the greater vessels, using a semi-automated tool. As we will be working on a TAVI case, the valve will be heavily calcified. We will then extract the calcifications and improve the segmentation of the aortic leaflets.

What you will learn

  • Mimics Innovation Suite workflows that help you plan a TAVI case
  • How to assessing a candidate’s compatibility with TAVI

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