aMace — Triflange Acetabular Revision Cups from an Anterior Approach


About this webinar

The aMace system is a proven technology for the reconstruction of complex acetabular defects, with a 95.8% survival rate and high patient and surgeon satisfaction. While most aMace surgeries are performed from a posterior or posterolateral approach, Dr. Verhelst believes that not only it is feasible to perform an aMace surgery from an anterior approach, but that it might even help improve the clinical outcome. In this webinar, he shares his experience and early conclusions.

What you will learn

  • How the extensile Smith-Peterson approach offers a superior view of the acetabulum compared to a posterior view
  • That identifying the femoral nerve is straightforward, so it can easily be protected throughout the surgery
  • Why acquiring access to the femur is feasible but less straightforward than with a posterior approach and requires a learning curve
  • That no technical compromise is needed when switching to an anterior approach for the aMace system 
  • The design adaptations you need to make for screw placement


Dr. Luk Verhelst

Orthopaedic Surgeon, AZ Sint-Lucas in Ghent, Belgium

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