3D Printing’s Unsung Heroes: Cut Costs and De-Risk Your Production Line


About this webinar

Have you ever considered 3D printing as a solution for your hard-to-source components? Or would you only use 3DP for complex designs? In the past, companies relied on technical drivers to determine 3DP’s suitability for part manufacturing. Now, economic considerations and the supply chain are emerging as just as important.

We’ve seen that selecting additive manufacturing (AM) for simple aerospace parts with sensitive lead times has yielded greater commercial results than sticking to high-complexity designs. So how can you translate that to your industry and find the most profitable AM strategy for your business?

In this webinar, our manufacturing and Mindware experts dive deeper into how AM process innovation and lateral thinking can rejuvenate your company’s production. Parts (like heroes) come in all shapes and sizes…

What you will learn

  • How 3D printing is the perfect solution to cut costs in manufacturing 
  • Why applying AM the right way can evolve, enhance, and de-risk your production
  • How to apply AM innovation to small-scale or limited part series effectively to find opportunities in a variety of industries
  • Why utilizing a digital catalog is the next step for manufacturers — helping you select 3D-printed parts that can be produced anywhere in the world


Erik de Zeeuw

Market Manager at Materialise Manufacturing, Belgium

Mathieu Cornelis

Innovation Manager at Materialise Mindware

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