Data on the move: Advancing FEA design through patient-based motion analysis

by Emmanuel Audenaert (UZ Gent), Pavel E. Galibarov (AnyBody Technology), and Thierry Marchal (ANSYS, Inc.)


About this webinar

Patient-specific orthopaedic simulations are becoming increasingly popular not only for biomedical device companies but more recently for orthopaedic surgeons as well.

These different actors see engineering simulation as a very promising way to accelerate their product development process or to get more flexibility during the surgery planning process. However, to be impactful, the simulation workflow should be flexible to any patient-specific data and open to model various patient activities seamlessly.

What you will learn

  • Personalized predictive surgery from a surgeon's perspective
  • The role of Mimics Innovation Suite in patient-specific modeling
  • How to advance FEA design through patient-based motion analysis

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