The Value of 3D Printing for Product and Clinical Development: 4C Medical’s Perspective

About this webinar

4C Medical Technologies' minimally invasive technology addresses mitral regurgitation and could be an option for patients that are not eligible for surgery. The company’s easy-to-use AltaValve involves the insertion of a flexible implant into the left atrium through a catheter.

As a startup, 4C Medical Technologies faced a long road in putting their device on the market. In our webinar, Dr. Kumar outlines that a great idea alone isn’t enough. Issues like understanding patient anatomy and selecting the sizes for the target population need to be confidently explained to investors and regulatory bodies. Learn how Materialise supported them in the development process.

What you will learn

  • The key elements for a successful startup in the medical field
  • At which stages of the medical device design live cycle accurate 3D models and 3D printing add value
  • How 4C’s collaboration with Materialise supported them throughout the process and helped save time


Saravana Kumar

Vice President of R&D and Operations, 4C Medical Technologies

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