Integrate Additive Manufacturing into Volume Production

Whether you're producing small series, large series, or mass-customized products, additive manufacturing (AM) offers lean product development, industrial automation, and supply chain innovation that can turn around entire industries. Find the goal you'd like to achieve below, and discover how you can get there with AM.

Reduce costs

Learn to minimize costs in product development, bridge series, feasibility studies, and serial production with AM.

AM has benefited us immensely, improving the efficiency on the assembly line while reducing our costs.

Danny Van der JonckheydSenior Mechanical Design Engineer, Signify

Produce at scale

Leveraging AM's digital manufacturing capabilities enables you to reliably, quickly, and consistently print parts in large volumes.

3D printing lets us pick parts from a virtual shelf. We would no longer run the risk of produced spare parts becoming obsolete too soon or of keeping tools for parts with very low demand.

Volker LiedloffTeam Leader Interior Engineering, 328 Design

Operate at maximum efficiency

3D printing is claiming its position in digital supply chains with automated workflows, faster lead times, and tooling-free production to transform industries that are traditionally resource-intensive.

The platform allows us to manage thousands of orders seamlessly — something that you simply can’t do manually — while driving down costs and increasing production efficiencies

Kyle HarveyBusiness Unit Manager, Extol

Design freedom

3D printing allows for fundamental design optimization and functional improvements, such as lighter designs and integrated components.

How can we optimize the design to push it beyond its intended purpose? Thanks to 3D printing’s design flexibility, we were able to do just that. We don’t stop at ‘good enough.’

Tim HermanskiDesign Engineer, Materialise

Ensure quality output and data security

AM is used in even the most strictly regulated industries, like aerospace and healthcare, so ensuring repeatability and adhering to quality and security requirements is crucial.