Medical 3D Players: 3D Printing and Building Value with Economic Evidence

Discussing mass personalization in healthcare — because one size fits no one


Uncover the latest medical advancements and challenges in 3D technology. Hosted by Pieter Slagmolen and Sebastian De Boodt from Materialise, this podcast examines key developments with experts in the healthcare industry.

An evolutionary biologist by training, Masha Dumanis leads the musculoskeletal field and is the MedTech and Digital Health Strategist at Health Advances. In this episode, she talks about how evidence generation is key to personalization’s broader rollout, from both an economic and clinical perspective. 


Masha Dumanis

Vice President, Health Advances

About your hosts

Pieter Slagmolen

Innovation Manager

Sebastian De Boodt

Market Manager — Research and Engineering

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