Encouraging Internal Mobility: A Look at the Development of Four Employees’ Careers

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As an entrepreneurial and forward-thinking company, Materialise encourages employees to apply these mindsets not only to company tasks, but to their own careers as well. All of the tools are there — support from human resources, transparency regarding open positions, online tools, and more — to enable employees to build their own careers within Materialise.

Thanks to the numerous roles, departments, and growth opportunities covered within Materialise, there are many possibilities for employees to shape their careers according to their interests and personal goals. We spoke with four employees in various roles from differing backgrounds to understand how their journeys have progressed during their time at Materialise so far, their reflections on the process, and their advice to co-workers looking for new experiences. Check out their thoughts and insights on internal mobility within Materialise below.

Aylin Kertik, Solution Architect, Software

Aylin began her career at Materialise in 2016 as a Sales Application Engineer in the Software department. As time went on, she realized that she’d like to find new challenges and responsibilities within her career, ultimately leading her to seek out and accept a new position as Solution Architect. Watch the following video to hear Aylin’s thoughts on the internal mobility process.

I would say the overall internal mobility process is straightforward. It is a process where people help you out a lot thoughout, so when you have some doubts or questions, they’re all open to answering them.

— Aylin Kertik, Solution Architect, Software

Graphic of Aylin's career path at Materialise

Motivation: To broaden her horizons and take on new responsibilities
Action: Searched Materialise’s career website

Pieter Hens, Project Manager, Software

Originally an employee in the IT department, Pieter’s career journey within Materialise took him not only to different positions, but also to a different department. Noting his interest in working on new and innovative projects with external customers, Pieter pursued other opportunities offered by Materialise in which he could achieve these goals. Find out more in Pieter’s video.

I believe that the company promotes internal mobility. It is a bigger challenge to change between departments, but once you make that decision, the organization supports you to do so.

— Pieter Hens, Project Manager, Software

Graphic of Pieter's career path at Materialise

Motivation: To contribute to innovative projects with external customers
Action: Sought more details and insights from potential colleagues

Bilal Ahmed, Technical Product Manager, Medical

Bilal’s change in career at Materialise even brought him overseas. Since 2012, he was an employee at the Materialise Malaysia location until 2019, when he began a new position at Materialise HQ in Belgium. Discover Bilal’s insights and advice on taking your career into your own hands.​

You are the architect of your career, so design it wisely and make your own career choices. Nothing is impossible. Make sure that you talk it out and never give up.

— Bilal Ahmed, Technical Product Manager, Medical

Graphic of Bilal's path at Materialise

Motivation: To gain knowledge, learn new skills, and overcome challenges
Action: Networked with colleagues throughout the entire company to discover new opportunities

Tugba Cevik Sivrihisar, Account Manager, Eyewear

Initially, Tugba was a Process Engineer within the Manufacturing division. As she became more comfortable with her role and began developing an interest her pushing herself further, she took action by planning her potential career growth within Materialise alongside team members who were there to assist her. Check out Tugba’s video to hear how her career developed thanks to her initiative and internal mobility.

An advantage of an internal move is that you’re still in the same family, so you don’t carry the pressure of the new challenge. You know your team, they know you already, they know your potential, and they are ready to support you. The challenge thus becomes an opportunity.

— Tugba Cevik Sivrihisar, Account Manager, Eyewear

Graphic of Tugba's career path at Materialise

Motivation: To push herself and her boundaries with more challenging tasks
Action: Planned her career path with her People Manager and HR Business Partner 

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