5 Reasons to Use 3D Printing for Your Jewelry Business

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Two 3D-printed pendants in silver shaped like DNA strands

Why would you produce jewelry using 3D printing technology, instead of creating it traditionally? Here are five reasons that convinced jewelry giants like Titan to start using 3D printing in their business.

1. No inventory issues

3D printing solves the problem of a high value inventory that doesn’t get sold completely. By producing small batches that can be created quickly, you no longer need to invest millions in inventory. In addition, this means jewelry business can be handled online, where the parts are created on demand. The pieces can be altered in size or multiplied in quantity in a minimum of time.

2. Freedom of design

3D printing allows the designer to express their creativity without limits. The constraints of mold creation don’t apply for 3D printing. Therefore, endless design opportunities open up and the designer can fully experiment with different concepts.

3. Shorter time to market

Manually crafting jewelry molds can be quite expensive and involves a lot of time, whereas 3D printing is a quick manufacturing technique that also allows you to easily change the design of the digital model. By using 3D printing, the designer is able to reach the market faster with lower expenses.

4. Customization

3D printing allows the customer to request a unique, one-of-a-kind piece. A personal message can be inserted or an existing design can be customized to fit their needs.

5. High complexity

When creating jewelry with traditional manufacturing techniques, multiple pieces are joined together to create a complex design. With 3D printing, it is possible to create the finished design in one single piece, which means its quality is higher and the designer can save time by cutting out the joining process.

Of course, when starting with 3D printing, you need to find out how to use the technology to your best advantage: it’s important to find the right software for designing 3D models or a service bureau specialized in jewelry that can do the job for you. Materialise Magics is a professional data preparation software program that can handle different file formats, allows you to create support structures, helps to create a flawless, printable design, and much more.

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