What's the Perfect Bowsprit for a Luxury Superyacht? A 3D-Printed Jaguar!

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The 3D-printed jaguar's head emerging from the printing process

Materialise has 3D printed a cat that is not afraid of water. Recently, a grand model of a jaguar went from Materialise’s Factory for 3D Printing straight to the bow of KISMET, one of the few truly bespoke luxury yachts to hit the water in 2014. Standing at a massive 4 meters long and 2 meters tall, this elegant feline was printed on none other than Materialise’s Mammoth stereolithography machine. It was then given a beautiful coat to give it a graceful aesthetic and protect it from all the natural elements it may encounter on its journeys around the world. See the 3D-printed jaguar in action here:

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