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Scientifically proven and validated

Scientifically proven and validated

Over the years, we have actively participated (and keep doing so) in over 3,000 Ph.D. studies, research papers, scientific articles, and books, allowing us to expand our knowledge in the field of biomechanics. The insights we get from internal and external research enable us to create innovative tools for use in different fields, from applied biomechanics to computational science.

Elevate your biomechanical research with the Materialise footscan® Suite

Elevate your biomechanical research with Materialise Footscan Suite 

When it comes to scientific research, innovation, accuracy, and reliability are critical components for a successful project. That is why we have created Materialise Footscan Suite, a robust and clinically accepted gait analysis hardware and software built to support biomedical research teams with personalized engineering and simulation.

Benefits of Materialise Footscan Suite

  • Measure and analyze in one environment
    Consolidate every part of the process and keep all your data in a unified system. Integrate footscan easily into your motion lab

  • High-quality measuring devices 
    Choose pressure plates for dynamic gait analysis or 3D scanners for foot shape scan. Acquire accurate data deriving from high scan frequency and sensor resolution.

  • Wide range of analysis tools
    Import 3D scans, apply automatic zone editing or test out the risk analysis feature.
  • Export options
    Export raw data of the static, balance, dynamic measurement as well as 3D scan data

  • Flexibility & Ease of use
    Modify the analysis to fit your specific requirements with the manual zone editing feature. Launch dynamic measurement action with one click and focus on guiding the subject.

  • Advanced interface
    Review data in a clear, user-friendly interface with enhanced visualization.


If you require high-speed scanning while maintaining high precision, we suggest you opt for our pressure plates. They support dynamic, static, and balance analysis by combining a sensor density of 3 sensors per cm² and optimal measuring speed. Pressure plates come in various dimensions, from 0.5 m up to 2 m.
3D scanners, on the other hand, are used for a complete and detailed 3D scan of your subject’s foot (including the ankle), so you can capture and analyze volumetric data. Like pressure plates, they are also available in different models suited for all your demands.
Depending on your research needs, we advise combining both measuring system

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Materialise footscan software is an intuitive and powerful platform providing static and dynamic analysis, including 3D visualizations, force graphs, and side-by-side comparison of different measurements. Thanks to the advanced view, you can zoom in on a sensor level to detect local issues.
Moreover, to extend your analysis, the export function enables you to export the data for further analysis in Excel, MatLab, Python, etc.
If your research is linked to orthotics, you can use the design wizard integrated into the analysis software. The wizard recommends a custom orthotic design based on scientifically backed algorithms and can be adapted manually.
The algorithms behind analysis suggestions are widely recognized by the academic community and validated by various scientific publications, such as the Franklin Miller study.

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