Premium Materials and Finishes for Eyewear

Additive manufacturing opens up a new world of creative freedom for eyewear designers. Freedom to design stunning, timeless collections that combine traditional craftsmanship with modern technology. Inspired by our in-depth eyewear experience, Materialise’s ever-growing choice of exceptional materials, colors, and finishing options give you all the ingredients you need to create unique, truly exquisite eyewear that precisely embodies your brand’s DNA.

Let your imagination run wild.

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Create beauty without limits

To be beautiful, eyewear must spark the right emotional response. Our PA range of materials radiates elegance and desirability while still meeting the industry’s strict technical demands.

Polyamide 12 (PA 12) is both strong and dimensionally stable, yet  flexible and lightweight for all-day comfort. Whether a design requires intricate structures, bold shapes, or delicate lines, PA 12 is the ideal material.

Polyamide 11 (PA 11) is a bio-based material, that delivers superior strength, flexibility, and resilience while retaining lightness. Renewably sourced from castor beans, it’s perfect for today’s sustainability-conscious eyewear brands.

Our broad palette of colors and finishing choices transforms the look and feel of these materials to make your concept a reality, whether it’s a cellulose-like porous structure for an organic appearance, a classic high-end, lustrous gleam, or a shimmering, iridescent pearl.

Fashioning luxury in metal

For designers looking to play with strength and lightness, create a luxurious capsule collection, or push the boundaries of integrated functionality, our metals collection will inspire you. Strong, sleek, and alluring, hypoallergenic stainless steel is the perfect choice for aesthetically advanced eyewear designs that require intricate details. Titanium emits that captivating, premium aura that consumers covet, while still being light and exceptionally robust.

Our metal-specific finishes range from matte, through brushed and satin, to a mirror-like shine. Bold or subtle, ornate or subdued — choose the finish that fits your vision.

Bringing a new dimension in materials are innovative hybrid blends like Nyluna — a sparkling mix of aluminum and PA 12. It’s the perfect choice for those brands looking for something extra from their materials.

Collection: McLaren Vision

Find your perfect tone

Color — and color choice — is central to eyewear design. That’s why our extensive color palette features over 50 shades, and those are just the start. Whether you’re looking for pastels, a more vivid hue, or even neon, we can deliver. With Pantone matching, painting in multiple colors, and endless bespoke options for your own unique tint, the possibilities are endless to give you the perfect colors for your collection.

Materialise Luxura

Where craftsmanship meets technology

Looking for a high-end, consumer-grade finish? Created for today’s digital artisans, the Materialise Luxura finish combines leading-edge automated techniques with atelier-style hand finishing to produce the exact look you’re dreaming of.

Create a vintage appearance, add a gold layer of stainless steel to PA frames, or collaborate with us to develop a completely new direction. Whether it’s a simple black or a bespoke red, a soft, semi-matte appearance or a shimmering gloss, you choose where on the spectrum you want to be.

For frames that are going to be worn, it's essential they have the right performance characteristics. With Materialise  Luxura, you can be confident your product will meet your standards.

Collection: JAM'Vision


Create your vision with us

With years of award-winning collaborations with the best in the eyewear industry, Materialise knows the additive manufacturing process and its possibilities intimately. We work with you to push the limits of what’s possible. We can guide you in adding complex shadows and depths that subtly affect your design’s color and finish, engrave custom text or images on individual frames, or specify bespoke precision texturing that makes surfaces look and feel like leather.

We help you find the perfect mix of materials and finishes to personify your brand and create the richest possible emotional experience for your customers — and for you, too.

Collection: NEON Berlin, Bestiary

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