It began with a pair of glasses and a singular vision — to do it better. 


weareannu is a collective of international designers, thinkers, and makers who came together to make beautiful glasses consciously with innovative manufacturing practices and a considerate approach to design. 

A woman smiling while wearing weareannu's 3D-printed Round 01 S eyewear frames
Woman smiling with her hands clasped under her chin, wearing weareannu's 3D-printed Square 17 m eyewear frames
Man smiling while wearing weareannu's 3D-printed Panto 13 S eyewear frames

Our glasses are inspired by timeless eyewear, a passion for design, and a desire to do it better. For us, it's all about simplicity and responsibility. We don't create products in large quantities without knowing if they are needed. We think this is wasteful and simply unacceptable. Instead, we use 3D printing to manage material waste, keep a low inventory, and have a just-in-time supply chain that significantly reduces our impact on the environment.

— Iddo Zimmermann, weareannu

A man smiling while wearing weareannu's 3D-printed Oblique Panto 08 M eyewear frames
A hand holding weareannu's 3D-printed Panto 02 M sunglasses
A hand holding a pair of weareannu's 3D-printed Oblique Panto 08 M sunglasses beneath a drawing of a wrinkly, alien-like creature

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