SEIKO Xchanger

Sports eyewear collection

The SEIKO Xchanger collection of sports eyewear offers sports enthusiasts the ability to combine performance, comfort, and aesthetics through eyewear that features functionality and customizability. 

Winner of the Silmo d’Or Award 2015, Frame Technological Innovation, Sport Equipment category. 

Profile view of a black male model in gray-scale wearing Seiko Xchanger eyewear
Top view of the SEIKO Xchanger white, sporty eyewear frames
Close-up view of the SEIKO Xchanger white, sporty eyewear frames

A perfect symbiosis

Perfect look, perfect fit, perfect vision — all that and much more is SEIKO Xchanger. You choose the size and color of your frame, and SEIKO makes sure that your vision through it is nothing but perfect. You pick your color, filter, and mirror out of more than 200 options. For your personal sports vision. 

Xchanger is a unique concept in the market at the moment. We also asked opticians what they think of it, and they found the complete product not only beautiful but also new in the market. That makes it a winner for them. 

— Edwin Van Gijzen, SEIKO 

Blue sporty sunglasses from SEIKO Xchanger
Black and red sport eywear from SEIKO Xchanger reflecting a mountain biker
Two pairs of colorful, sporty eyewear from SEIKO Xchanger

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