OXYDO wearable sculptures

Italian eyewear powerhouse Safilo is the force behind globally renowned names in eyewear, with a portfolio encompassing Dior, Fendi, Elie Saab, and more. In partnership with Materialise, Safilo’s avant-garde OXYDO FW 2017 collection uses 3D printing to create an all-new interpretation of the Italian fashion aesthetic. 

Three pairs of colorful, 3D-printed sunglasses from Safilo OXYDO
Sunglasses from Safilo OXYDO folded up and tilted
Close-up of the lens and salmon frame of Safilo OXYDO sunglasses
Close-up of stylish, metal, 3D-printed sunglasses with a blue and pink background


Breaking the rules of eyewear design once again, OXYDO introduces a new signature collection where aesthetics, research, and innovation meet in unexpected ways. The FW17 collection fuses artistic exploration and creative experimentation into an unconventional design that strikes the perfect balance between avant-garde and functionality. 

Made entirely in Italy through the alliance of eyewear expertise and the most advanced production techniques, the new OXYDO styles become true wearable sculptures; symbols of a contemporary vision that looks to the future by mixing eclectic forms, high-quality materials, and ever more multi-dimensional details designed to accentuate the quirky architectural forms. 

Angled view of black Safilo OXYDO sunglasses with purple ends

We wanted to walk a line between minimalism and opulence, and we focused on leveraging the capabilities of 3D printing to produce very fine ornamentation while keeping a very minimal silhouette. We were also interested in how the next generation of ornamentation might look. As we are able to produce finer and finer structures, we started to question on a deeper level how one might ornament these microstructures and not simply be a rational expression of efficiency.

— New York Artist Francis Bitoni 

Sunglasses from the Safilo Oxydo eyewear collection on their side
3D-printed sunglasses from Safilo OXYDO angledd and surrounded by colorful glass
Tilted view of folded up, circular, 3D-printed sunglasses from Safilo OXYDO
Close-up len of thin, metal Safilo OXYDO sunglasses

Photos courtesy of Safilo S.p.A. NV 

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