Jean François Rey reinterprets the rules and constraints of traditional eyewear design and showcases NAUTINEW, a concept with an alternative and complex design, a vision of technical and artistic progress. 

Close-up of a Black female model looking off camera while wearing red sunglasses from the ReyStudio NAUTINEW collection
Black female model with a blue background, looking off camera while wearing red sunglasses from the ReyStudio NAUTINEW collection
Black female model posing with her hand in front of her face while wearing blue sunglasses from the JFRey Nautinew collection

NAUTINEW's aesthetic performance reveals neo-futuristic style shells. Its atypical shape results from a  3D printing process, perfectly mastered in a combination of stainless steel and nylon that structure the frame. The volumes are organized in sets of rounded rectangle shapes: a graphic geometry that gives the model its bold and distinctive appearance. Assertive design and visual softness inspire a nomadic spirit, an urban explorer look that inscribes the model in a narrative beauty. 

Close-up of sunglasses from the ReyStudio NAUTINEW collection, folded up on a white surface
Orange eyeglasses from the ReyStudio NAUTINEW collection, unfolded and tilted upward

Going beyond standards with eyewear design 

ReyStudio introduces a highly atypical and artistic process in eyewear, exploring unconventional design. In order to uncover alternative and creative ideas with no set limits, our designers create and develop concepts in modern and narrative beauty. 

The use of 3D printing allows us to produce a complex design in series, unthinkable with traditional materials such as metal or acetate. 

By perfectly mastering 3D design tools, our designers give free rein to their imagination and unleash their creativity. 

The other positive aspect that has attracted us is the lack of waste. Ecology requires a revolution in our production methods, and it is now important for us to integrate the concept of zero waste and recycling into our strategy of responsible creation and marketing. 

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