Morrow One

Morrow One is a world first: autofocal eyeglasses engineered for the visual comfort of people with aging eyesight. Once past forty, it often becomes more difficult to focus at a near distance. We start juggling with readers or buy multi-focals that narrow our field of view. Instead, autofocal glasses correct people’s eyesight electronically. Near, intermediate, or distant, the user simply clicks a small button on the frame to switch the optical power back and forth. A wide field of view is guaranteed. 

Male and female models in black on a black background wearing Morrow Optics eyewear
Close-up of female model wearing 3D-printed eyewear from Morrow
Male model holding Morrow Optics sunglasses on his face while looking downward

Morrow Ones are a testimonial of the design freedom of 3D printing. An enabling technology to [smartly] integrate electronics into a lightweight, ultra-comfortable frame.

— Morrow Optics 

View of the front of 3D-printed Morrow eyeglasses
Close-up of Morrow brand logo on 3D-printed eyewear
Close-up view of lens and auto-focal technology in Morrow eyewear
Side view of Morrow Optics frames
Close-up of smart auto-focal technology in Morrow eyewear frames

© Photos courtesy of Sihto NV 

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