McLaren Vision by L’Amy Luxe

Design and lifestyle ranges

Man wearing McLaren sunglasses and exiting a McLaren vehicle
View of the hinge on a pair of McLaren sunglasses, showing the unique closure
Man in a suit wearing McLaren eyeglasses

Design range: Graphite

The heart of the McLaren Vision collection. The Graphite shares the same innovative spirit as the Ultimate collection and incorporates the exclusive 180° rotative lug and the elastomer temples.

The front face is featuring 3D printing technology with PA 12 Graphite loaded material, composed of more than 600 layers with temperature control for each one of them.

This material is 24% lighter than acetate for ultra-light fronts, which, when combined with the silicone pads, provides absolute comfort.

This collection is made up of nine optical models and four sunglasses.

Man posing in McLaren eyeglasses in front of a McLaren vehicle
Man standing outside, looking off to the side, while wearing McLaren sunglasses
Angled view of the front of McLaren sunglasses with purple tinted lenses

Design range: Magnetic

The Magnetic capsule collection, developed in collaboration with JAM Vision, extends the initial consumer target to a more urban and lifestyle one.

It capitalizes on all the McLaren Vision innovative assets, with the addition of eco-responsible concern, and a bit of sports fashion spirit.

Thanks to additive manufacturing of the fronts in PA 12, temples laser cut in 100% recycled stainless steel, optimized for made-on-demand production, the eco-impact is reduced as much as possible.

To make it perfectly reliable, it embeds a patented magnetic hinge. Requiring only two Neodymium magnetic pieces, this revolutionary hinge provides life-lasting friction, with no risk of losing screws and temples.

Four shapes, two optical, and two sunglasses, each in four colors, made this co-signed project between JAM Vision and McLaren, celebrating the F1 world championship title won by Alain Prost in 1986.

McLaren Vision Openmatic eyeglasses on a black background
Man holding a golfclub and wearing McLaren Vision Openmatic sunglasses
Woman in a sporty shirt, wearing McLaren Vision Openmatic sunglasses
Man with a golfclub over his shoulder, looking upward, wearing McLaren Vision Openmatic sunglasses

Lifestyle range: Openmatic

With its urban shapes and its new patented hinge, the Openmatic Series is based on a new approach and a strong will to develop comfortable and stylish sports frames easy to fit in all circumstances.

The exclusive Openmatic hinge incorporates a flexible U-Blade with a 360-degree shock absorber, allowing it to open and close the temples automatically with simple finger pressure.

A new addictive playful feeling of opening the temples in a flash!

The 3D-printed PA 12 front face only consumes the material that is strictly necessary, for sustainability concerns.

The recycled stainless steel arched temples are treated with PVD coating for long-lasting colors. Added to its global lightness, it keeps the glasses on your face even during the most dynamic use.

The tips of the temples have been designed to be perfectly adjusted, if necessary, to your anatomy without having to heat them.

Including six optical and three sunglasses, the Openmatic offers a new unique way of thinking, for people looking for that little extra something that makes the product so exclusive.

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