Hoet Design Studio

Cabrio SX collection

Designed in collaboration with the Belgian indie-pop duo SX, this striking collection features a radical approach to eyewear design. Out with pinched angles and unflattering edges, in with organic design and fluid lines. Meet Cabrio SX, a stunning work of art produced by the long-running partnership between Hoet Design Studio and Materialise. 

Benjamin Desmet and Stefanie Callebaut from the Belgian indie pop group SX posing together, looking off screen, wearing Hoet Cabrio SX eyewear
Female model holding someone's hands while wearing Hoet Cabrio SX eyewear
Model posing with her hand on her hip in a hallway, wearing Hoet Cabrio SX
Gray-scale image of a model looking off camera, wearing Hoet Cabrio SX eyewear
3D-printed sunglasses from the Hoet Cabrio SX collection viewed from above
Female model wearing the Hoet Cabrio SX collection and walking down a hallway

For me, design starts with nature; how you use a material and expand its potential in any direction with respect to its material properties. I work with 3D printing, combining new technologies and new materials, because I believe it not only offers new possibilities in eyewear design but is a game-changer that affects the complete business.

— Bieke Hoet, Hoet Design Studio 

White male model pulling up hood while wearing red eyewear from Hoet Cabrio SX
Female model leaning on a male model while modeling Hoet sunglasses from the Cabrio collection
Straight-on view of Hoet Cabrio SX sunglasses

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