Hoet Design Studio

Cabrio M & Cabrio PZ

This innovative collection is not just any type of eyewear line. These youthful Cabrio eyewear frames represent the advanced manufacturing with which they were made. The 3D printing technology is an ecological production process in which the synthetic parts are selectively attached to each other using a laser. This means that no excess material is used to create these eyeglasses, therefore resulting in no waste residue. 

Black female model looking to the side, wearing sunglasses from the Hoet Cabrio PZ collection
Model looking into the camera, wearing red eyeglasses from the Hoet Cabrio PZ collection
Rust-colored eyewear with tinted lenses from Hoet Cabrio PZ

Cabrio PZ 

The shape of the Cabrio PZ series would be impossible to achieve using any other technology other than 3D printing. Cabrio eyewear is ready for the digitalization of optics. 

Black female model looking down, wearing statement earrings and black eyeglasses from Hoet Cabrio PZ
Male model wearing a red shirt and red Hoet Cabrio PZ eyeglasses
Black female model, holding a mirror, wearing Hoet Cabrio PZ eyeglasses
Close-up, gray-scale image of a male model holding Hoet Cabrio PZ eyeglasses to his face
Gray-scale image of a female model wearing sunglasses from the Hoet Cabrio PZ collection
Black female model and white male model looking into the camera wearing eyewear from Hoet's Cabrio M-PZ collection

Cabrio M 

The Cabrio M model is the newcomer in the Cabrio collection, and just like Cabrio Bi-Color, it consists of three parts. 

Just as in the previous Cabrio models, the glass frames and temples are printed in polyamide, but what makes this model different is that the bridge is printed in stainless steel. 

By using two different 3D-printed materials, this model retains a link to the past, yet builds a bridge to the future.

Black 3D-printed eyewear from Hoet Cabrio M collection
Gray-scale image of model looking into the camera, wearing Hoet Cabrio M eyewear
Gray-scale image of a model looking up, wearing Hoet Cabrio M eyewear

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