Restoring the health of our planet, together

The world is facing critical challenges connected to climate change. Protecting the planet is our responsibility and a necessity. Seeking opportunities in every corner of our business and new ways to empower our customers, we will rethink and reduce, cut our carbon footprint by 50% by 2025, and manage our environmental impact.

Rethinking and reducing

By rethinking our production and consumption habits, we can minimize waste in all its forms – time, energy, material – and increase reusing and recycling. Our goal is to streamline our processes and through dynamic collaboration and innovative products, support our customers to do the same.

Guided by our decades-long expertise in AM process control, we enable our customers to optimize their production processes through our software solutions. Our latest innovations, Bluesint PA12 and Materialise Process Tuner create pathways for eliminating waste in the 3D printing process. Specifically, in laser sintering, the Bluesint process makes it possible to print with 100% re-used powder, drastically increasing resource efficiency.

Now, we're taking the next step. Alongside our new partners at Arkema, we are extending the life cycle of polyamide powder by turning unsalvageable waste powder into pellets for use in injection molding.

Cutting our carbon footprint

Businesses must play a major role in combatting climate change. Materialise is determined to lead the way in the 3D printing industry. By 2023, we will develop and submit Science-Based targets, and by 2025, we will cut our 20,300 tons of 2019 greenhouse gas emissions from our worldwide operations by 50%.

We will achieve these goals with a three-tiered approach: reducing, innovating, and offsetting. Reducing will come through a focus on the largest contributors to our footprint, Scope 3 and Scope 2 emissions (GHG Protocol), and new initiatives including a carbon budget, sustainable travel policy, and conversion to green energy. Continued research and innovations such as our Bluesint PA12 will support these changes, and any remaining carbon emissions will be offset in a way that sustainably supports the communities in which we do business.

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Managing our environmental impact

Through our Environmental Policy and our ISO 14001:2015 certificate, we’ve made an official commitment to protect the environment and to comply with European environmental legislation, regulations, and customer specific requirements in all of our operations, processes, and services.

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