Privacy Policy: SAM — the Scanning App by Materialise

Version: V1.0 September 19, 2023


  • Materialise: Materialise NV and its affiliated companies. 
  • Materialise footscan software: A desktop application for analyzing 3D scans of feet or designing custom insoles based on plantar pressure measurements and/or 3D scans of feet.
  • User: The user of SAM, the Scanning App by Materialise. The podiatrist or healthcare professional with a license of the Materialise footscan software. 
  • Customer: The customer of the User, for whom the User analyzes the 3D scan or designs custom insoles via the Materialise footscan software. 

Privacy policy

  1. In the course of usage of the Application, the User will send very limited Customer data, which is equivalent to private information (subject name, session name), and which will be used for the limited purpose of the activation of the Application. Materialise commits to not use or disclose such information other than as permitted or required to achieve the purpose as further described below. Materialise shall use appropriate safeguards to prevent the use or disclosure of such information other than as required to achieve the purpose as further described below and in accordance with Materialise’s privacy notice

  2. The purpose of the Application is to create a 3D reconstruction of the foot or lower leg by 3D scanning it with the TrueDepth camera sensor​. 

    During capture, the app collects the front-facing TrueDepth camera’s depth and RGB information of each frame using TrueDepth API. The app also collects the metadata of the TrueDepth camera, including TrueDepth camera’s intrinsic matrix and distortion map. 

    The application uses this information to perform the depth fusion process and generate the colored 3D mesh of the scanned foot or lower leg. In the app, the User can view the generated 3D mesh file. The User can also share the generated 3D mesh file with the Materialise footscan software, where the User can use it for further analysis (e.g. calculation of foot length/width) or for the design of custom insoles. 

    The data will not be shared with any third party and is only used for generating the final 3D mesh. There is the possibility to share the data with the User’s own local database within Materialise footscan software. The Materialise footscan software is our own developed desktop application. 

    During the depth fusion process, the app stores the reconstructed mesh in memory on the device. All the data will be overwritten when opening a new session. It will also be removed automatically when the User uninstalls the app. The User has the option to share the data with the Materialise footscan software (desktop application). In that case, the 3D scan data will be anonymously uploaded to an Amazon cloud server where the Materialise footscan software will download these 3D scans and import them into the local database of the User. The data in the Amazon cloud server will be retained for a maximum of 6 months and only be used to facilitate the data transfer. 

    Our software application is not designed for capturing 3D face data, only for scanning feet or lower legs. We do not recommend using the scanning app to capture face data. In the event face data is captured, if the data is stored on our cloud server, this data is fully anonymized and we will not use, disclose, or share any face data to a third party. We will store this data for a maximum of 6 months and reserve the right to remove it at any time.  

  3. Materialise reserves the right to use data collection technology to collect anonymous information for software usage statistics and bug-fixing purposes. By installing and using the software, the User acknowledges and agrees that Materialise may collect, store, and analyze the collected information for the purposes mentioned above.  

  4. Materialise may share the Customer's personal data with other companies of the Materialise Group for these purposes. Customer's personal data may be processed in countries outside the EU which do not offer a similar level of data protection as the EU. If the Customer has any questions, or if the Customer wishes to exercise its right to access, correction, or deletion of its personal data, the Customer can contact Materialise at Materialise NV, Technologielaan 15, 3001 Leuven, Belgium, or via More information can be found in the Materialise’s privacy notice