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Automatic Support Generation with e-Stage for Metal

Materialise e-Stage is a fully-automatic support generation solution developed to bridge the experience gap and minimize guesswork. In this tutorial you'll see how to use it so as to reduce data preparation time, recover more powder, and save post-processing time.

 This tutorial has been recorded using Materialise e-Stage for Metal and Materialise Magics.


Video topics

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Generate e-Stage supports 0:42

Modify e-Stage supports 1:32

Generating e-Stage supports in the Support Generation Mode 2:29

Description of the different steps

1. Generate e-Stage supports:

  • Go to the Support Generation ribbon, and click on Generate e-Stage support of Selected.


2. Modify e-Stage supports:

  • Click on Manual Support, and move to the support generation mode.
  • Click on e-Stage points in the e-Stage ribbon; your supports will be converted to points.
  • Add, move, or delete these points as desired.
  • Once the changes are complete, click on Generate e-Stage support.
Author(s) Aylin Kertik
Tutorial created on 07 May 2019
Last modified on 28 May 2019

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