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How can Magics automatically nest parts for you in 3D?

In this tutorial you will learn about automatic (rather than manual) part nesting in 3D and how you can optimize the result of the nesting algorithm. You will also see how to use a sinterbox to make sure small parts aren't lost in a build cake.

This tutorial has been recorded using Materialise Magics Sinter Module. 


Video topics

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3D Nester 0:43

Advanced options 1:32

Subnest 4:56

Sinterbox 5:47

Description of the different steps

1. Use the 3D Nester: Go to the Build Preparation ribbon, and click on 3D Nester.


2. Define the distance between the parts (Part interval), the distance from the edge of the platform to the parts (Margin to sides), and the stop criteria:

  • Stop at first solution: Nesting can stop as soon as all the parts are inside the platform
  • Optimise until nesting density: Nesting continues until a certain nesting density is reached
  • Manually end nesting process: Nesting continues until you manually stop nesting
  • Stop after: Nesting stops after a certain amount of time has passed.


3. In the Advanced menu, fine-tune the nesting process:

  • Freedom of parts: Allows you to define a freedom for the rotation and translation of parts during nesting. Some of these options also allow you to define a rotation angle.
  • Specify per part: Allows you to specify a different freedom option to some parts.
  • Selected parts/All parts in scene/Selected parts first: Allows you to select certain parts, and give them priority during nesting.
  • Start from current platform configuration: Nests starting from an existing platform configuration.
  • Maximal used height: Allows you to limit the maximum build height.
  • Distribute in Height/Optimise Slice Volume/Optimise Slice Volume and Height: Allows you to optimise the distribution of your parts, your build height, or both. You can check the slice distribution graph from the Check Slices Distribution option in the Analyse & Report ribbon.
  • Re-nest all parts above: Allows you to re-nest parts above a certain height, in the case that you should need to add parts to a platform you have already started building.
  • Enable Multi-Platform Placement: Allows you to create more platforms if you have too many parts to fit into a single platform.


4. Subnesting and sinterboxes:

  • Select your parts and click on Subnester in the Build Preparation ribbon. Follow the instructions.
  • Select your subnested group, click on Sinterbox Wizard. Choose the sinterbox shape, margins, perforations, and add a label where applicable. Click on Finish.
Author(s) Aylin Kertik
Tutorial created on 07 May 2019
Last modified on 28 May 2019

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