Magics Update Training

Take full advantage of the newest updates and features in Magics 27. Following this training will give you the confidence to start applying the new features to optimize your additive manufacturing workflows. All Materialise Magics maintenance customers are eligible for free online or in-person training sessions.

Digital visual of a metal 3D-printed part popping out of a Magics software screen

Who should attend

All Magics users from beginner to advanced expertise level and holding a maintenance license can follow this course free of charge.

Learning goals

  • Familiarize yourself with the newest features and updates
  • Shorten the learning curve to become successful with Magics 27
  • See practical examples of how to apply the new capabilities
  • Stay ahead of the curve as a Magics user

Training format

Course topics

Release highlights

Full update on all new and improved features in the Materialise Magics 27 and their value to you as a Magics user, supported by hands-on exercises.

Improved UI/UX

Tips and tricks to overcome hurdles in your workflow with the new UI/UX functionalities. Get clearer input and feedback using the new Mirror dialog. Smoothly import your Magics 26 profile to Magics 27 and more.

BREP enhancements

BREP enhancements in Magics 27 add up towards the goal of having an end-to-end BREP workflow that avoids conversion to mesh, from loading to exporting. Learn how to apply the new features in BREP operations, measurements, and utility for quicker builds and more precise data.

Scene edition improvements

Introducing the Mass Edit mode, where you can edit many parts within the platform scene. Learn the new functionalities available for Platform and Mesh part scenes, like the possibility of creating and using a custom user coordinate system for advanced alignment and assembly workflows.

Workflow Automation

Explore how to scale your production with no or limited intervention in processes by activating automated scripts directly in Magics.

Additonal integration options

Learn how to integrate Magics with the Materialise CO-AM platform to improve collaboration, manufacturing repeatability, quality compliance, and end-to-end data security. A new connection is also available with the Machine Manager, a cloud-based solution to manage machines, process parameters, and build jobs.  


Free training sessions for customers with a valid maintenance contract

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