Retain Original Step Geometry in Materialise Magics

2 min

Keeping a link to your nominal design is crucial throughout your workflow, especially when you work on your STL mesh to prepare it for 3D printing. With this new workflow in Materialise Magics 24, you can keep your original STEP geometry as a reference part at any point, from import through data preparation all the way to platform export. You can easily refer back to your nominal design at critical points to ensure you are making the right call during steps such as orientation, build platform placement as well as support generation. Maintaining and visualizing your original STEP file will also help you save valuable time when communicating with your collaborating designers and CNC engineers, as well as ensuring that your mesh stays true to the nominal design.


This video has been recorded using Materialise Magics 24.

Tutorial created on August 22, 2019
Last modified on August 22, 2019

Author(s): Alberto Guarin

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