Polypropylene (PP)

General guidelines

Guidelines for smoothing

To achieve a smooth finish, your part is put into a tumbler with small stones that vibrate at a high frequency to smooth the part’s surface.

Technical specifications

Maximum part dimensions

480 x 480 x 430 mm

Standard accuracy

±0.35% (XY) up to ±1.2% (Z) with lower limits on ±0.35 mm (XY) up to ±0.5mm (Z)

Layer thickness

 0.12 mm

Minimum wall thickness

1 mm, living hinges are possible at 0.4 mm (all structures under 0.8 mm must be designed in a flat, uncurved position and oriented parallel to XY plane for correct building)

Minimum detail size

0.3 mm

Interlocking or moving parts


Internal channels


Surface structure

Grainy structure

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