What’s a system ID, where can I find it, and what to do when it’s changed?

Your System ID is a code generated by us that is unique to each computer or server. To find the System ID, you will first have to install your Materialise software product.

Where can I find my System ID?

You can find the System ID in the system information of the software, via the registration wizard.

Once you've installed the software, you can also verify your CCKey there. Go to Licenses under the Help menu and select "Show license and system information." The System ID will be shown at the top.

Why did my System ID change?

The System ID can change when there is a change in hardware, an update in the operating system, or a change in your Materialise software.

What should I do if my System ID changes?

If your System ID has changed you will need to reactivate your software online, after obtaining a new key file. Please contact your local office if you are not able to get a new key file (e.g. your request is put on hold). Alternatively, you can obtain an emergency key file in case of emergency.

Author(s): OrthoView

Tutorial created on March 27, 2018

Last modified on March 27, 2018