How to Use the Vessel Tool and Grow Tool

4 min

Discover the new Mimics inPrint Vessel tool to segment an ROI by growing it with a certain threshold, and as such optimize time efficiency when creating print-ready 3D anatomical models based on medical scans. The Mimics inPrint Vessel tool is located in the first step of the workflow, Create ROI. 

The Edit ROI step contains a similar tool: the Grow tool. This tool can be used for editing an existing ROI. Both tools follow a similar principle, meaning they start by defining the threshold of the region and then grow to segment the region. Explore the best practice techniques and take full benefit of the Mimics inPrint Vessel tool and Mimics inPrint Grow tool. 


For the purpose of this video Mimics inPrint 3.0 was used.

Tutorial created on 04 April 2018
Last modified on 04 April 2018

Author(s): Lio De Winde

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