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Advanced analysis on an entire build in Magics Simulation

Magics 25 will be here in November 2020, but here’s your first sneak peek at one of its top features — full build simulations. Get more out of your simulation analysis. Check out this video to see how this tool allows you to gain more control over part quality by predicting the effect that parts will have on each other, including the build plate.


Video topics

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0:07 - Simulate an entire build at once, analyzing the printing effects parts have on each other

0:49 - Get a quick summary of simulation results directly in the Job Manager window

0:59 - Gain more control over part quality thanks to the new probe analysis

1:44 - Simulate the build plate and analyze for deformation or overheating

Author(s) Alberto Guarin
Tutorial created on 19 August 2020
Last modified on 19 August 2020