LLC Materialise Ukraine
Raisy Okipnoi Str., 8a
02002 Kiev
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In the second largest Materialise location, the 400+ Materialise community in Ukraine is focused on software development and IT. They are also home to dedicated support and clinical engineers for our products and services.

This engineering center covers multiple software products, projects, and initiatives — developing a wide range of commercially successful products. Technologies inspire and propel them forward in providing sophisticated solutions for their clients and building a better and healthier world. They provide a wide range of engineering and administrative services while building expertise and excellence centers within Ukraine. Get in touch to explore our solutions and services for AM software, manufacturing, and medical sectors.

Manufacturing Services / 3D Printing Software / Medical Software & Services
Phone: +380 44 594 56 10
Fax: +380 44 594 56 11
Email: office@materialise.kiev.ua