A modular solution

Materialise Robot is a user-configurable software program that enables you to automate a great part of your quoting and data preparation process. This leads to more efficient data processing for your AM process.

In Robot, you can access existing workflows and configure them to your needs, follow up the status of running jobs or check the history. Materialise Robot can also handle your data logistics. Depending on the outcome of a specific task, the file will be positioned in the corresponding pre-defined directory. Materialise Robot is integrated with Materialise Magics and Materialise Streamics.

Depending on your application, a specific subset of all the tasks Robot can perform will be most relevant to you as Robot is a modular solution. This overview displays the main functionalities available with Materialise Robot today.

Quoting Module Data Repair Module Quality Check Module Data Optimizing Module 3D Nester Module Importers Module Technical Information

Quoting Module

The more accurate part information is, the more precisely you can define the price for 3D printing. Materialise Robot extracts a full range of part information which can serve as input for your quoting procedure. You can consult the required support volume estimation or have a look at previews in JPEG or 3D PDF. Materialise Robot also automates part orientation based on criteria such as minimal part height, minimal bounding box dimensions and minimal required support structures.

Materialise Robot can be integrated with your website or other external applications through our well-documented API. Clients for the main languages are provided (.NET, Javascript, PHP,…). The full technical documentation, illustrated by short examples of code, can be found here: http://www.software.materialise.com/robot-api-documentation

Data Repair Module

Let Materialise Robot take model repair out of your hands. Configure the level of model repair processed by Materialise Robot and choose from conservative fixing within set tolerances to more aggressive fixing (including hole-filling) or ShrinkWrap fixing.

Quality Check Module

The quality check module is focused on printability checks. Detect errors in the model that prevent it from being ‘watertight’ and identify areas of increased risk, such as thin walls, small details or walls that are too thick. All of these can result in slicing failures or artifacts introduced during the slicing process.

Configure the thresholds for the analysis based on your printing technology and printer specifications and validate the outcome from the analysis visually through color markings on the model.

Data Optimizing Module

In most situations, similar procedures are applied on every model before preparing the print job. Now, you can delegate some of these (heavy) operations to Materialise Robot.. These operations can be triangle reduction, hollowing of models or rescaling, all according to defined parameters.

3D Nester Module

Manually nesting parts takes a lot of time. With the 3D Nester Module, you can let Robot nest parts quickly and automatically on multiple platforms. You can choose the build height and density. Don’t worry about interlocking or colliding parts, Materialise Robot will prevent this from happening.

Importers Module

From a CAD perspective, exporting a model as an STL file is easily done. However, from the perspective of someone operating a 3D printing activity, who typically has to deal with a great variety of data formats, the export to STL can be a hassle. Materialise Robot fully automates the conversion from CAD to STL, almost regardless of the data source, including options to split components from the same CAD file into separate parts.

input formats

3DM (RHINO)          JT
STL Materialise Formats

Supported output formats

Materialise Format

Read about technical information such as system requirements, programming interface, configuration and integration.   Technical information