Materialise Build Processor

Bridging the Gap Between 3D Software and Printer

The Build Processors significantly simplify the 3D printing process while we are working towards a more standardized machine communication system. Through the Build Processors, hardware and software are perfectly matched. The convenient man–machine interface reduces complexity and makes AM technology accessible to a wider range of users.

Materialise has strong partnerships with several AM machine manufacturers, which allows each party to focus on their core competencies. Materialise provides the software platform and toolbox, then the system manufacturer feeds it with process-specific knowledge. This creates an improved user experience and gives customers more options to get the most out of their machines.

Through the Build Processor systems, the AM data preparation process has expanded to allow slice-based technology. This enables improved handling of large files, such as those containing metadata on texturing or structures.

Arcam Build Processor

Simplify Your Workflow With the Arcam Build Processor

The Arcam Build Processor is a user-friendly software which simplifies the 3D printing process. It combines high performant slicing algorithms with a perfect integration from data preparation, through design and build setup, to part building on the Arcam EBM system. In addition, the Arcam Build Processor enables feedback from the EBM System, supporting build tracing and build data storage, thus meeting the requirements of manufacturing environments.

The Arcam Build Processor enables a seamless integration between software and printer. This results in a simplified workflow for the user with the possibility to create and assign machine-specific build styles to the parts and platform, as well as slicing and exporting the data to the machine all in a single software package.

Arcam Build Processor

Key Benefits


  • Benefit from a seamless integration with data preparation in a single software package
  • Reduce human error possibility with automated file transfer: from data preparation to machine and improved visualization during assignment
  • Share settings and theme files between different users with the centralized settings management
  • Do complex calculations on a dedicated server with remote processing
  • Benefit from second line support by Materialise Software Experts and regular updates of the software


Slicing Algorithms

  • Enjoy the benefits of high performant slicing algorithms with advanced slice viewer and multicore algorithms
  • Even very complex parts and platforms are quickly handled


Integrated and Advanced Lattice Design (Materialise 3-matic)

  • Handle complex designs such as porous, lattice and lightweight structures with Materialise’s unique slicing technology


Controlled Manufacturing (Materialise Streamics)

  • Trace and store data on specific jobs, thanks to the two-way communication between the EBM system and the Build Processor

EOS Build Processor

Better Communication Between Materialise Software and EOS Systems

Materialise and EOS have partnered together to create the EOS Build Processor. This custom-built software solution is user-friendly and efficient, which simplifies the 3D printing process for the user. The seamless integration with Materialise Magics enables the user to benefit from all the advantages of this industry-leading software package.

As part of Materialise’s software platform, the EOS Build Processor can be integrated with Materialise Streamics to guarantee traceability, repeatability and more process control. Easy integration with Materialise 3-matic opens up possibilities for slice designs with advanced textures and structures. With the slice-based technology, including an impressive slice speed and sophisticated slicing parameters, large files can be handled easily.

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Process Flow with the EOS Build Processor,
Including Centralized Settings Management

EOS Build Processor

Key Benefits

  • New, modern and simple user interface
  • Machine-specific parameter management
  • Extended exposure type defaults for supports
  • One system to serve all your machines
  • Upgrades independent from Materialise Magics
  • Data quality checks in Magics before processing
  • Compatibility with most Windows OS and PSW versions
  • Allows slice-based technology
  • Materialise Streamics integration possible
  • Outsourcing of data processing to a dedicated server in Materialise Streamics environment
  • Considerably improved slice speed
  • Slicing parameters: to fill gaps, unify slices, filter contour and reduce points
  • High degree of automation to reduce risk of human error


Renishaw Build Processor

A Partnership for Better Machine Integration

Renishaw and Materialise partnered to release the Renishaw Build Processor, a tailored software solution that serves all Renishaw machines. This is the next evolution of the Materialise Magics/AutoFab Suite, allowing you to have one data flow using the best from both softwares. It also opens up next generation possibilities such as slice based technologies to efficiently handle large data and Materialise Streamics integration. This results in a flexible system that allows quick updates to new Renishaw machines or new upgrades, giving an easy access and overview of all your installed Renishaw machines.

Materialise Magics allows you to prepare your files and build platforms while the Renishaw Build Processor does the slicing and hatching according to the machine and build parameters. The Build Processor will also do the scan path generation.

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New, integrated process flow with the Renishaw Build Processor, including centralized setting management:

Renishaw Build Processor

Key Benefits

  • New, modern and simple user interface
  • Machine-specific parameter management
  • One system to serve all your machines
  • Equipped with latest technical standard of build strategies
  • Large data handling by sliced based processing
  • Considerably improved calculation speed by multicore usage
  • Project-specific Streamics integration
  • Time savings by outsourcing of data processing to a dedicated server
  • Process optimization through the Material Development Module


Renishaw 1.2 – New key features and improvements

  • Slice viewer: Quickly and easily view slices and hatches with the slice viewer
  • Improved Material Development Module
  • Large data handling by sliced based processing
  • Better build control (e.g. improved build time estimation)

SLM Build Processor

A Partnership for Better SLM Machine Integration

The SLM Build Processor is software specifically designed to interface with the printers of SLM Solutions.


  • Prepare platform in Materialise Magics
  • Slice and hatch with the SLM Build Processor according to the selected machine
  • Build parameters
  • Create the laser scan path

SLM Solutions will provide a validated build profile for its customers including a set of machines and materials, while also allow parameter validations with the material development functionality. When applying hatching, different strategies can be selected to assure the best quality of parts. The result of the SLM Build Processor will be a build job that can be immediately read and processed by the SLM machine.


New, Integrated Process Flow with the SLM Build Processor, Including Centralized Settings Management:

SLM Build Processor