Meet tough design and production goals using certified tools.

As device designers, the clock is always running. At the same time, designing patient-specific devices requires a total focus on quality. Materialise provides certified tools that are developed to ensure that you streamline the design process while meeting the quality requirements of anatomical devices. In addition, our services mean that you can tap into the flexibility of high-level automation if needed.


A typical patient-specific device design workflow consists of:

  • CT or MRI scans are processed in Mimics to create 3D representations of the patient’s anatomy
  • 3D measurements lead to anatomical landmark points of the optimal position of the device (notably allowing for freedom of movement)
  • The cutting guide or device is based on the patient’s actual anatomy, using 3-matic for increased accuracy
  • The files are forwarded for production, either by the experienced medical teams at Materialise or by another manufacturer

Materialise is the backbone for patient specific device designers, providing a range of industry-standard tools and services that are certified for clinicial use. As our technology is developed specifically for anatomical purposes, you’ll find that the software addresses the specific challenges that go along with this. You can reach out to us for specific help if you encounter problems or questions.

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