Accurately Quantify, Examine and Plan

Anatomical Analysis of Skeletal Structures

Measurements of medical images and the analysis of 3D models are simplified with Materialise. You can accurately quantify and examine bones using visible information on a color map (bone thickness, pre- and post-operative bone comparison etc.). This information can then be exported for further statistical analyses.

An easy, powerful way to:

  • Facilitate the most complex anatomical measurements using analytical primitives
  • Determine the best angle for surgery
  • Accurately assess the size of a tumor or complexity of a tumor
  • Survey and follow up the outcome of a surgery
  • Predict the correct size of plates and screws for surgery
  • Examine the thickness of cartilage
  • Export the measurements and analyses for further statistical analysis 

Anatomical Analysis of Skeletal Structures

distance, angle, length, distance over surface measurements

Different tools allow you to:

  • Perform a wide range of measurements (distance, angle, length, distance over surface)
  • Define density
  • Add text annotations to the CT images or in 3D
  • Create construction geometries
  • Analyze wall thickness or extremas
  • Compare parts before and after surgery
  • Export measurements for statistical analyses (MATLAB®)

Cranio-Maxillofacial Measurements and Analyses

Cephalometric analyses are of vital importance when working on cranio-maxillofacial surgical planning and validation. The Materialise Mimics Innovation Suite includes the standard cephalometric analyses (McNamara, Frankfort, Steiner, Lefort etc.) and allows for the creation of new templates, adapted to your unique requirements.

The suite also makes it possible to compare the pre-operative estimation of the surgical outcome on the soft tissue with the actual post-operative outcome. You can calculate bone thickness to investigate the possibility of inserting an implant in the desired region of the skull. Both analyses make use of statistical information and are represented using a color map.

Intuitive, powerful tools to:

  • Perform standard or personalized cephalometric analyses
  • Compare pre- and post-operative measurements
  • Evaluate the results with normalized values
  • Analyze the bone thickness and impact of the surgical procedure on the soft tissue
  • And more...

Cranio-Maxillofacial Measurements

Different tools allow you to:

  • Indicate cephalometric landmarks based on standard analyses
  • Create new templates, including points, planes, and measurements
  • Export the information to other applications
  • Analyze (bone) wall thickness and obtain statistical information
  • Compare the soft tissue before and after the surgical procedure

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