Pinpoint analyses that are easy to run

Complex anatomical measurements, cardiac anatomy and movement characteristics, analyses of pathologies or bone thickness, comparisons with statistical models; when you are dealing with complex operations, you want to concentrate on the results, not the tool.

The Materialise Mimics Innovation Suite brings you powerful yet intuitive tools that are developed to give accurate results for the best insights, with the least amount of fuss.

Whether it be for cephalometric analyses or orthopedic and cardiovascular measurements.

Cephalometric Analysis

Use the Mimics Innovation Suite to:

  • Perform standard or personalized cephalometric analyses
  • Obtain in-vivo conditions for device design inputs
  • Compare pre- and post-operative measurements
  • Evaluate results with normalized values
  • Analyze the bone thickness and impact of the surgical procedure on the soft tissue
  • Automate generations and perform measurements using a centerline

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