Certified Hospital Applications from Surgical Planning to Patient-Specific Treatment


As a clinician or hospital administrator, you understand the potential of 3D imaging and models. The Materialise Mimics Care Suite is the essential, certified platform for image-based planning and Medical 3D Printing in hospitals. With one package, you can address the full range of the patient planning continuum, from the standard to the most complex cases.

The suite was designed around the existing workflows of hospital clinicians or surgeons across multiple disciplines. It’s an open and flexible platform you can use with any existing imaging or printing system.


Materialise Mimics Care Suite provides you with the benefits of working with an engineer, yet focused on the clinical perspective. This means that the same suite of tools can be used for:

  • Segmenting medical images
  • Creating 3D models
  • Planning surgery
  • Printing 3D anatomical models
  • Carrying out virtual surgery or critical measurements
  • Creating patient-specific devices such as guides and implants

You can adapt the care suite to support individual surgeons, a department or even a hospital-wide approach. You can also call on our broad experience in medical engineering that can prove critical in providing implants that are easier to design and place.

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Our Hospital Solutions:

X-Ray Planning and Analysis


Digital pre-operative planning software

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3D Image-Based Planning and Analysis


Simplified planning and ordering of implants

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Virtual planning for CMF surgery


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Anatomical Models


Go from scan to 3D model – easily and accurately

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3D printing services for patient-specific cardiovascular anatomical models

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