SG 模块中的 Materialise e-Stage 支撑

As of Materialise Magics 23, you’re able to generate and visualize Materialise e-Stage for Metal support structure in 3D printing data preparation software Magics. This means that you can generate, modify and recalculate all kinds of support structures within Materialise Magics. You can generate e-Stage support structure without entering SG module mode or by entering SG mode and choosing the e-Stage points on the part. These points can be moved or deleted and new points can be added. After calculation of the support, you can request a volume estimation of the structure. This will help you estimate the amount of metal powder used for your build. 

此视频使用 Materialise Magics 23 录制。


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0:11 - 根据定义的配置文件自动生成 e-Stage 支撑

0:24 - 根据需要轻松编辑、移动或删除触点

0:47 - 通过在支撑生成模式下生成 e-Stage 触点来开始您的流程

1:04 - 获得有关支撑体积的即时反馈

作者: Alberto Guarin
教程创建于 31 八月 2018
上次修改于 31 八月 2018


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