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将 PMI 从 CAD 导入 Materialise Magics

It is possible to import, visualize and save the Product and Manufacturing Information (PMI) from CAD software into Materialise Magics software. This means that you don’t need to redo all the measurements and annotations of your CAD model in Materialise Magics, saving you a great amount of time. In this tutorial you will learn how to import a part together with its PMI and combine these measurements with Magics measurements.

此视频使用 Materialise Magics 23 录制。


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0:11 - 导入并查看包含产品制造信息 (PMI) 的 CAD 文件

0:33 - 查看链接到标准和自定义视图的 PMI

0:51 - 将 PMI 与 Magics 测量值相结合

1:12 - 保存 Magics 项目中的所有信息

作者: Alberto Guarin
教程创建于 31 八月 2018
上次修改于 31 八月 2018


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