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The Software Backbone for 3D Printing

We love to push the limits of innovation and deliver you a bold 3D printing experience. Businesses and industries looking for professional 3D Printing can count on our software backbone. From design to printed part, we support you during every step of the Additive Manufacturing process.

The Industry Standard for 3D Printing

  • Proven track record as the software backbone in the 3D printing world
  • Expand your software toolbox as your 3D printing activities grow
  • Work with advanced top-notch 3D printing software

About Materialise Software

Digitization has stirred a new wave of innovation. Driven by this evolution, game-changing businesses and industries are exploring new opportunities that go beyond conventional solutions. Materialise Software is at the core of this drive. We provide leading software solutions for Additive Manufacturing (AM) – also called 3D Printing – to boost the AM ecosystem and enable customers and companies around the world to create ground-breaking applications.

The Materialise 3D Print Suite

"We purposely built the suite to fit new industries embracing 3D Printing and our software is still growing and maturing to meet our existing customers' evolving production requirements. We are committed to driving the trends of today and the future in 3D Printing to raise the bar of Additive Manufacturing."
Stefaan Motte, Vice President of Software at Materialise

When Materialise purchased its first 3D printer, we were soon confronted with the challenge of creating a file that could successfully print – and we quickly got to work on making the process easier. The first lines of code were written in 1990 and grew into the data preparation software Magics. Over the past decades more software solutions were added, resulting in the industry-leading Materialise Magics 3D Print Suite: a reliable software backbone for a wide range of industries.

Our software suite brings design enhancement, data preparation, automatic support generation, production management, workflow automation, machine communication and machine control to a whole new level. You can choose an off-the-shelf product or create a fully customized solution together with us. We are proud to offer you this all-comprehensive, open software platform that breaks down the barriers between meaningful applications and the expanding range of 3D printers that make them a physical reality.

"Automation and control is key in a modern AM factory. It's the path to keeping cost and lead time at an acceptable level while continuously monitoring the printing process."
Eva Descamps, Marketing & Strategy Manager at Materialise

Our solutions enable you to leverage both your product design and production process, as well as scaling your 3D printing business with efficiency and reliability. Whether you want to create one-off prototypes, manufacture large series or improve your home-built 3D printers, we have more than 25 years of experience in software development that will empower your business.


OEM Solutions

Our products are integrated with each other, creating a unique software platform for 3D Printing. Through the platform, printer manufacturers can access 3D-printable content from various sources and a wide portfolio of 3D printing technology. By bundling your 3D printing machines with Materialise software, your customers have access to the industry standard.

Our open software platform is also compatible with other innovative tools and technologies like FEA analysis and quality control hardware, and can be integrated with existing business systems such as CRM, ERP and PLM systems to enhance and expand our software platform even further. This enables Materialise software users to benefit from other technology within their trusted Materialise environment, as well as enabling users of other technologies to access Materialise solutions.

“It's fascinating to collaborate with machine manufacturers and to develop powerful software tailored to their machines. The result of our collaborations are products that embody our mutual strengths."
Hyerin Seo, Account Manager at Materialise


Co-Creation and Software Development

We are able to thoroughly test our software in-house, as we are Europe's largest single-site factory for Additive Manufacturing. In addition, our software is based on the needs of different players in the Additive Manufacturing industry, players we collaborate and co-create with to ensure sustainable future growth for the industry at large. This enables our customers to access the best of 3D Printing. Our partnerships are essential to us and how we are structured: this is our DNA and we warmly invite you to become part of our network.

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