What is the optimal imaging format for creating 3D anatomy models?


Whether you are designing 3D anatomical models or patient-specific medical devices, excellent imaging is pivotal for the creating of accurate 3D models in the most efficient way possible. Should you use CT or MRI? Contrast-enhanced or non-contrast? Which imaging modalities and protocols are needed? Each modeling application will have unique imaging requirements, so a close collaboration with your imaging departments is key.

Overall, we recommend acquiring high resolution - both spatial and temporal - images to create high-quality medical anatomy models (thin-slice, gated imaging). Next, it is also important to define the appropriate protocols in your facility as early as possible to avoid the need to re-scan a patient or to work with less than optimal imaging.

Reach out to the industry or work closely with your internal imaging experts for recommendations regarding optimal protocol definitions.

Author(s) Tais Casemiro Zago
Tutorial created on 05 April 2019
Last modified on 05 April 2019