Preparing your data for 3D Printing

is often an overlooked but very crucial step in the 3D printing process.  Learn how to optimize your 3D Printing data preparation by watching the webinar series. 

Intro to Data Prep

Learn the basics of data preparation in order to create a watertight data ready for 3D Printing.

  • Import data
  • File repair
  • Basic cutting
  • Platform preparation

Intermediate Data Prep

Once you’ve imported and fixed your files, there is still a lot of data preparation you can do to save time, money and material.

  • Hollowing and perforating parts
  • “Design change for AM processes”
    –  Extrusions
    –  Primitive creation and Booleans
  • Generate Reports

Advanced Data Prep

Ready to maximize your use of Magics? Learn some of the most advanced features and tips to help optimize your data preparation and create better 3D printed parts.

  • Add tags
  • Add serial numbers
  • Perform advanced cuts
  • Analyze wall thickness