How to prepare your data for 3D Printing

Intro to Data Prep

by Evan Kirby

Learn the basics of data preparation in order to create a watertight data ready for 3D Printing.

By watching our free webinar, you will learn:

  • Import data
  • File repair
  • Basic cutting
  • Platform preparation


Evan Kirby
  Senior Application Engineer
  Materialise Software

Evan Kirby,
Manager Application Engineering,

About the speaker

Evan Kirby, Manager Application Engineering, Materialise
For the past 19 years, he started by teaching approximately 100 students per year from more than 100 different companies, including Ford, GM, Pratt & Whitney, various Federal Governmental agencies, Hewlett Packard, and Toyota. He provided pre- and post-sales support for those same companies and now is managing a team of application engineers who perform those same tasks.

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