Increase Productivity at Every Step of the AM Workflow

by Evan Kirby and Katie Esper, Materialise Software

From design optimization to production, software provides huge advantages that enable AM users to increase their productivity. With increased productivity comes improved quality, faster time-to-market, and reduced costs. 

Join our expert Evan Kirby to discover how integrating sophisticated software into your AM processes and using it to its maximum potential greatly enhances your workflow each step of the way.


Join our free webinar and learn how to:

  • Enhance your design for 3D printing while improving quality and post-processing time 

  • Nest parts quickly and automatically on multiple platforms 

  • Build high-quality parts with fewer iterations 

  • Benefit from tools you didn’t even know existed 


Evan Kirby
  Senior Application Engineer
  Materialise Software

Evan Kirby,
Manager Application Engineering,

Katie Esper,
Account Manager,

About the speakers

Evan Kirby, Manager Application Engineering, Materialise
For the past 19 years, he started by teaching approximately 100 students per year from more than 100 different companies, including Ford, GM, Pratt & Whitney, various Federal Governmental agencies, Hewlett Packard, and Toyota. He provided pre- and post-sales support for those same companies and now is managing a team of application engineers who perform those same tasks.

Katie Esper, Account Manager, Materialise
Katie Esper has over 11 years of account management experience across aerospace, automotive, and medical industries, among others. In her current role at Materialise, Katie helps Fortune 500 companies and small business owners alike, reach goals for growth through customizing 3D printing solutions based on their specific business drivers and challenges. Due to her wide variety of customers, Katie has gained expertise in consulting solutions for the great range of applications produced throughout the AM community.

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