How to Develop and Optimize Process Parameters in Metal Additive Manufacturing

Joint case study by Rosswag, Materialise, and ZEISS

By Philipp Schwarz, Vivek Chowdary Penumarthi and Dr. Pradeep Bhattad

It takes a lot of time and effort to qualify a new material, process, or machine for metal additive manufacturing (AM). Many experiments must be completed to test out the dependencies of different parameters including laser power, scanning speed, hatch distance, layer thickness, etc. You can imagine the time needed to set up the tests, track the data, analyze results, and more.

This webinar will show you how to easily and rapidly qualify parameters for new materials. Discover how Rosswag was able to efficiently increase layer thickness, and thus save 50% printing time, and how automating the set-up of complex parameter studies helped them reduce tedious data preparation time by up to 90%.


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In this recording you will:

  • Discover end-to-end workflow with Rosswag, Materialise, and ZEISS

  • Learn how to rapidly qualify new materials, accelerating your time-to-market

  • Get to know our solutions to increase your productivity, including the Materialise Process Tuner


Read the case study here - A Day’s Worth of Work in 20 Minutes: Automating 3DP Process Parameter Development


If you are interested in metal AM material qualification services by Rosswag, please visit https://www.rosswag-engineering.de or contact p.schwarz@rosswag-engineering.de

If you are interested in the AM Parameter solution by ZEISS, please contact news.metrology.de@zeiss.com


Philipp Schwarz

Philipp Schwarz
Business Development Manager,
Rosswag Engineering

Vivek Chowdary Penumarthi

Vivek Chowdary Penumarthi
Product Manager (Commercial),

Dr. Pradeep Bhattad

Dr. Pradeep Bhattad
Business Development Manager,
ZEISS Industrial Quality Solutions

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